Big Sue has a 7 kW solar array on the roof of the Dean street building and a 39.6kW solar array on Bergen street. The tenants use the electricity generated by both arrays and excess power gets sent back into the grid. Bergen street. uses digital sub meters to measure electrical use in commercial tenants spaces.

Technical Information
Radiant Heating

All of the new concrete floors have tubes embedded in them which allows hot water to be circulated through them which heats the spaces very efficiently.

Technical Information

We used high efficiency condensing gas boilers to heat both buildings.

Technical Information
Green Roof

The buildings are comprised of 3 green roofs which provide the following benefits:

  • Double the lifespan of the roof membrane
  • Provide added insulation for spaces below
  • Retains storm water during high volume rain events
  • Absorbs sound pollution
  • Helps reduce the "Urban Heat Island Effect"
Technical Information
Recycled Materials

We were able to salvage 8 pallets of bricks and 400 wood beams during the demolition process most of which we were able to incorporate into the renovations of the buildings. Most all tubs, and sinks installed in the buildings are salvaged. We used high concentration fly-ash concrete mixture for all concrete pours in both buildings. (Fly Ash is the byproduct of burning coal which replaces Portland Cement. Portland Cement requires a huge amount of energy to produce- so replacing it with Fly Ash significantly reduces the embedded energy of the concrete mix- and it's over all carbon footprint.).

Technical Information
  • Pouring Fly Ash over tubes used for radiant heading.